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Forensic Engineering


Forensic Engineering Process Failure Expert Witness

Review of a Design/Build chemical process purchased by our client that failed to perform. Served as testifying expert witness, evaluating chemical process equipment design, performance and contract requirements on behalf of owner. Conducted additional process design mathematical modeling, participated in deposition of opposing Expert as well as CCC Dr. Jeff Perl deposition, led to a successful, “….very amicable.….” pre-trial settlement for our client.

Expert Witness - Industrial Fatality
Confidential Client - CCC reviewed Refinery accident specifics. Technical review provided of accident scenario and deposition taken. Result - Case settled favorably out of court.

Forensic Engineering - Premature Product Failure
Determined the cause of premature corrosion failure seen in certain buried electrical boxes. This work performed for a national manufacturer of these products, involved investigation of soil corrosion parameters as well as electron microscopy of before and after metal box samples. These studies identified the root cause to be manufacturing defects in the galvanizing process as well as corrosive soil conditions.

Forensic And Safety Study Of Fatality
Asked to investigate fatality at the time of an alleged chemical incident. Reviewed training and procedures. Interviewed employees and measured ventilation flowrates. Determined which potential scenarios could and could not have occurred and tested them in the lab to determine if they could have caused the offgassing of dangerous levels of chemicals. Testing showed that no firm link could be established connecting the fatality to an alleged chemical incident. Made recommendations to improve safety through training, procedures, and facility upgrades.

Forensic Engineering - Industrial Accidents
Investigated major accidents, one involving a chemical burn fatality and a second resulting in a serious burn injury with disfigurement from a reactor explosion. The root cause of the accidents was determined, and corrective actions developed jointly with production facilities. CCC assisted both facilities in upgrading safety and operating procedures.

Investigation of Premature Failure of Marine Composite Coatings
Investigated root cause of poor performance in various Marine Hull Coatings for international manufacturer. Lab work included optical and electron microscopy, FTIR, and GC. Evaluated degree of polymerization and crosslinking. Reviewed manufacturing process at three facilities and inspected coating supplier manufacturing facility. Evaluated hull cores. Reviewed physical and chemical properties. Developed coupon-testing program. Multiple failure modes and several probable causes were identified while other causes were ruled out. Production changes easy to complete were adopted. Trained client staff to continue this work as part of ongoing quality control.

Medical Diagnostic Equipment Failure

Ongoing forensic investigation of medical testing equipment to ascertain medical electronic diagnostic lab equipment failure modes.  Coordinate chemical testing and lab evaluation to identify contamination source and recommend manufacturing improvements to eliminate causes. Contaminant particle size, composition and possible sources were identified.  Telecon and written support to our client’s European partner regarding report findings and CCC manufacturing upgrade recommendations.

Fraud, Waste And Abuse Review
Confidential Client - CCC served as lead technical advisor and reviewer to evaluate and quantify large-scale fraud in US Government technical contract work.


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