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CCC 2008 Project Highlights

CCC continues to assist in renewable resource development, forensic engineering, environmentally challenged real estate property transfer, litigation support and chemical process engineering as demonstrated in the following excerpts from 2008. At the heart of all is a focus on chemical process engineering with regards to competent environment, safety and occupational health compliance.

Forensic Engineering Process Failure - Pre litigation review of failed chemical process. Evaluated chemical process equipment design, performance and contract requirements on behalf of owner. Equipment has failed to perform per contract and litigation between parties is set for late 2009. CCC will assist client in working towards amicable settlement between the two parties.

Energy Footprint Reduction Evaluation – Energy Star review of national sign manufacturer.  Study undertaken to evaluate BTU footprint improvement when changing from Solvent Based to Solvent-Less manufacturing operation.

New Agribusiness-Based Consumer Product Development – Assist international company in engineering a process developed by US-based worldwide agribusiness.  Used and new plant equipment specification and acquisition assistance. Pilot study monitoring, review and validation, from lab to plant scale.  Translate original process design to meet CCC client requirements.  Review and coordinate rebuilding of large scale used continuous reactor/mixer extruder with original equipment manufacture, identify and locate used plant equipment to expedite process development.  Coordinate development of process project cost estimates and timelines to expedite manufacture of this worldwide commercial product.


UIC – Chemical Engineering Design – CCC founder and president Dr. Jeffery P Perl, PhD, PE, CHMM, was appointed Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).  Dr. Perl will teach the two-semester senior chemical engineering process design course starting August 2008.

Paint Manufacturer SPCC Plan Review/Approval – Review and update Spill Containment and Countermeasures Plan (SPCC) for local manufacturing plant of national paint and coatings company.

Environmental Cleanup and Regulatory Plan Review – Assist International manufacturer of lubricants in reviewing and evaluating environmental remediation plans at former US site in advance of property transfer.  Review of federal, state and local regulations as well as technology assessment of contractor proposed cleanups.  Assist client in meetings with contractors and regulators.

Forensic Engineering Study – Medical Diagnostic Equipment Failure – Ongoing forensic investigation of medical testing equipment to ascertain medical electronic diagnostic lab equipment failure modes.  Coordinate chemical testing and lab evaluation to identify contamination source and recommend manufacturing improvements to eliminate causes. 

New Fertilizer Product –Ongoing assistance to developer of new fertilizer products.  Assist in evaluating US Department of Transportation and USEPA FIFRA regulatory requirements.


CCC treats its client's challenges as if they were its own and draws out the best from the project team (client, CCC, vendors, regulators, etc.) to achieve successful projects. Building quality teams is especially important when interacting with regulators and public on environmental projects.

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